Save Energy & Maximize Comfort with i-Vu® HVAC Control Systems

By installing efficient i-Vu® HVAC control systems, Stuart Mechanical’s experienced team in Auburn Hills can help increase your commercial building’s functionality and efficiency.

Trust our team of professionals to get an understanding of your business’s daily operations to improve your temperature, safety, and schedule controls by installing i-Vu® HVAC control systems by Carrier in your building.

Our i-Vu® HVAC controls services include:

  • I-Vu building automation system provides you access to your buildings HVAC systems 24/7 from your home or office
  • Resolve problems faster and maintain the comfort for your occupants by getting alerts to your phone or computer when there is a problem with the system
  • Receive alerts when your critical spaces like your IT room are getting to warm
  • Combining your building’s HVAC systems and safety programs into a customizable schedule
  • Providing programming capabilities and remote monitoring for temperature-controlled zones
  • Creating custom schedules, alarms, trends, and more for your unique business operation


i-Vu® LogoWhy i-Vu®?

Automating your building's HVAC control system and security features has never been easier than with i-Vu® controls by Carrier. Stuart Mechanical is a Carrier Controls Expert, meaning that we can fully automate your building's temperatures and increase its efficiency with the touch of a button! By automating your building, you're saving money on your energy bills and simplifying the ability to keep your employees (and customers) comfortable.

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