HVAC Design & Build

Commercial HVAC Installation and Design for Businesses in Auburn Hills and the Surrounding Cities

Stuart Mechanical installation of a new HVAC unitAt Stuart Mechanical, our experienced design and build team has created HVAC systems for all sizes of new construction projects. 

When your business moves into a new building or perhaps is undergoing renovations, ensuring that your HVAC system is properly planned out is critical. Having your furnace, air conditioning system, and ventilation laid out expertly allows you more functional space and a more comfortable environment! Stuart Mechanical is experienced working with small mom and pop businesses as well as large factories, and we’ve been able to design and install the perfect HVAC layouts for them. Our team can work with any blueprints your builder has provided or we can even create your HVAC system from scratch. 

Why choose Stuart Mechanical for your company’s HVAC installation and design?

  • Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship – When we design and install your new HVAC equipment, we’re proactive. Our team accounts for what your equipment will be used for and how much energy it will require to ensure that you have the ideal system for your building.  
  • Core Values – Our team is passionate about being honest, enthusiastic, and pursuing excellence, and it’s communicated in each of our design and build jobs. You just don't find that from other HVAC companies anymore! 
  • Extensive Portfolio of Design-Builds – We have encountered projects of all shapes and sizes in the education, medical, automotive, religious, retail, technological, construction, fitness, property management, and facility maintenance industries. We’ve been able to design and then seamlessly install an HVAC system for them, and can do so for your building, too! 

Choosing the right HVAC installation and design company is crucial to the success of your equipment.

If an unqualified contractor designs and installs your equipment, you could experience misused space, high energy bills, and frequent equipment breakdowns. This costs you unnecessary money and time that could be spent growing your business! By choosing Stuart Mechanical as your HVAC design-build contractor of choice, you’re choosing excellence. 

To request a design-build bid for your next commercial build out,  contact Stuart Mechanical today!